For a Culture of Respect

Ntrinsx is an online assessment and social intelligence data management system that uses colors to help you understand yourself and others in a practical way to build a culture of respect at work and with family and friends.

To make it easy to relate, we associate core values to each of four Colors:

  • GOLD responsibility
  • GREEN competence
  • ORANGE freedom & fun
  • BLUE relationships

To watch videos about each color visit the Ntrinsx website (below link)

Treat them as THEY would like to be treated

All that Ntrinsx offers


Easy access to information makes it possible to treat others as they would like to be treated.


Quick, surprisingly accurate assessment that fosters a culture of respect.


Create groups with integrated analytics to visualize team dynamics.

Enterprise Integration

Integrate Social Intelligence information in your enterprise HR solutions.


It’s not just about work. Free family account promotes well-being and productivity.

Learning Library

Ntrinsx comes with an integrated library of learning content:

  • Understanding People
  • Communication
  • Conflict and Stress
  • Change
  • Engagement and Accountability
  • Effective Meetings
  • TeamTalk – Team Builder

How it works

1- Invitation

Ntrinsx comes with built-in Invitation Email Manager that broadcasts, tracks, and provides tools for Administrator to manage invitations for Ntrinsx assessment.

2- Assessment

The Ntrinsx assessment is quick, intuitive, and accurate. It takes only a few minutes, and the results are immediately available via the Ntrinsx Dashboard.

3- Ntrinsx Database

The Ntrinsx database manages all the social intelligence information, automatically computes statistical analytics, and manages access.

4- Dashboard

Every authorized member has their own cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed any time from any device.

How Ntrinsx is Used

The success of every organization is dependent on how well the people are aligned to the business and to each other. Ntrinsx improves business performance metrics by optimizing individual team values with respect to company requirements.


Learning Components & Workshops

Ntrinsx provides the tools to establish a curriculum that builds on a culture of respect. While every company’s culture is unique, typically based on the values and beliefs of its executive leadership team, respect is a fundamental element of any healthy culture and one of the principal traits of all extraordinary leaders.

Workshop modules offered

Understanding People
Conflict & Stress
Team Performance
Effective Meetings
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